Early makings of psychology 1

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1649 – Rene Descartes publishes THE PASSIONS OF THE SOUL, claiming that the body and the soul are seperate

1816 – Johann Friedrich Herbart describes a dynamic mind with a conscious and an unconscious in a TEXT BOOK IN PSYCHOLOGY

1819 – Abbe Faria investigates hypnosis in his book ON THE CAUSE OF LUCID SLEEP

1849 – Soren Kierkegaard’s book THE SICKNESS UNTO DEATH marks the beginning of existentialism

1859 – Charles Darwin publishes ON THE ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES proposing that all our traits are inherited

1861 – Neurosurgeon Pierre Paul Broca discovers that the left and right hemispheres of the brain have seperate functions

1869 – Francis Galton’s research suggests that nature is more important than nurture in HEREDITARY GENIUS

1874 – Carl Wernicke provides evidence that damage to a specific area of the  brain causes the loss of specific skills

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